Parenting Agreement Services

Are you parenting a child without a document that would help “verbal agreements” be followed? Is either party not committed to “keeping their word”. Let me work with you in developing a parenting agreement that will meet the needs of both parents, but most importantly, the best interest of the child. Please contact or book an appointment.

Why a Written Agreement?

Why a Written Parenting Agreement is Better?

It will help you to remember to focus on the problem, not the person.  It will help you to focus on being respectful and remember that we can agree to disagree. It will the parties be more accountable to being committed to keeping their word.

How It Works?

New Agreement and Existing Agreements

Interested in discussing issues regarding your existing parenting agreement? Are you (and the other party) wanting to develop a parenting agreement that allows you to co-parent effectively with the other parent? Please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.




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